My rates are negotiable and dependent upon the work to be done, and they are set based upon a review of the manuscript or draft. The range for a first edit is generally $35–60 per hour with a one hour minimum, or $.01–.05 (one to five cents) per word with a $35 minimum.

The primary factor affecting my fee proposal is the level of edit you choose. Light editing services include correcting spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Medium editing services include light editing tasks plus checking for consistency and clarity, applying specific format and style guide requirements, giving style and content notes, and creating a style sheet for your reference. Heavy or line editing services include light and medium editing tasks plus shifting and polishing your provided words and thoughts until they are in their best order, tense, and voice, just as you the author had always intended.

I will be happy to create a sample edit of each level and give guidance as to which level might best suit your manuscript or draft, but the choice of level applied during the actual edit is yours.

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